Kassiopea is name borrowed from ancient Greek mythology. She was one of the muses that inspired artists and musician alike, and why not? Designers as well.
Kassiopea is a young brand founded a few years ago by an economics graduate who started to work as a corporate consultant but soon understood that her passions were elsewhere. The designer grew up in a bunch of different countries, absorbing diversity and developing the eclectic personality that deeply permeates her creations.
The product is designed and made in Italy in our recently acquired factory, where every detail is scrutinised from start to finish.
The range of products is wide, and it is entirely renewed each season. For each model, the client has the option to choose a palette of materials, colours and also whether to develop the bags in leather or to go for the green/animal friendly option of last generation synthetic materials.
The target is a woman with an “easy chic” allure and an ironic approach to fashion and trends, but who still shows a refined taste without ever sliding in to excess.
Kassiopea girls are elegant but with a flair for the extravagant, not fashion victims in search of brands. They dare to be a little bit of everything and have fun at changing constantly mixing pieces, styles and brands.
Kassiopea was started by chance and for fun.
There was a girl that was doing something completely different – working for a large consulting firm very far far away from home – and she was bored and felt very ugly about it.
One day, in 2004, while preparing for a short business trip, she suddenly felt the need to pack into a nicer suitcase than the one she had. She looked with contempt at the grey trolley without any personality that was lying open on the floor of her bedroom, and decided to go out to find something to replace it. She looked and looked, but could not find anything like the thing she desired. She felt the need for something special. She wanted a chic, fashionable and girlish item that gave her a nice feeling of traveling; she wanted colors and flowers and butterflies. Something with a bit of an adventurous personality.
So the girl decided to make her own bag: she picked up nice silks and leather and combined them to create the perfect trolley and handed the stuff to somebody who could do it. But then she realised she wanted more: a tote, and then a nice pochette, and then a nice hobo….
These few pieces for personal use became a mini collection that sumbled upon some agents. A short time after it was presented to a handful of retailers in Italy and was very much appreciated.
Seen the success of the concept, the girl happily abandoned her job and focused on creating her own brand, Kassiopea.
Stefania Balzarini was born in Milan but grew up travelling around the world and living in several different countries. She completed her Business Administration degree in Geneva, Switzerland and began her career working for a large multinational, but soon understood that her passions were elsewhere.
She started Kassiopea in 2003 and established the headquarters on the shores of Lake Como, thinking that living in a pretty place was alone a good source of inspiration. Kassiopea creations always reflect her ecleclectic and cosmopolitan personality, and want to target young women with the same love for ironic and edgy style.