LaMILANESA bag came about partly for fun,partly as an expression of creativity ,but above all for charitable reasons.

A project focused on recycling,presented at the 2018 edition of the Salone del Mobile,with the aim of helping charities to raise funds so as give a hand to those in need.

Promotion the idea is stylist Cinzia Macchi,founder of the blog lamilanesa,originally created to talk about the artisanal quarter in via Santa Marta and via Maurilio in Milan.

In her bags,the stylist combines colours and materials not only because they are beautiful or valuable, but above all because they are “reclaimed” and can tell the story of past objets with a modern,innovative spin.

From and essence blend beautiful to create unconventional,stylish and pratical bags.

A classic or extra-large shopping bag,rugged and waterproof,covered with boldly-patterned fabrics,soft faux furs,satin velvets and colourful towelling,making LaMILANESA  versatile and exclusive brand,further distinguished by its very “Milanese” logo.

Each bags is one-off,with its own unmistakable style.

The craftsmanship and the search for the most exclusive fabrics,Cinzia Macchi explain,”mean that every single bag remind me of something: a place,an object,a person from the past or present,or countries and cultures I have experienced”.