Fanfulla is the nickname of Antonella.
For her, creating bags is not a job, but a character.
She has always been sick of falling in love with fabrics, and in 25 years of compulsive traveling and shopping, she has collected all sorts of material that lit her heart up the right moment she had them in her hands. She has filled wardrobes and trunks with carpets, blankets, pillows so that she can extract just the embroidery of a flower and be able to sew it on another piece of fabric.
Creating bags is a way to put them together and always carry them with you, it is the need to always have them under your eyes because thet have somehow the power to make you feel good. And she's been doing it for 20 years.
This makes the difference. The history, the years of research, have a value.
She is inspired by her grandmother's mending, by the patch embroideries on the back of old Indian blankets, the shapes capable of enveloping the person, the softness of wool and velvets. And she just uses her instinct and her hands to sew them one by one. And she does not stop sewing until each bag achieves its concept of perfection.