Inga Valerie

The story of the Inga Valerie brand began in Australia when the first Inga Valerie clothing store was opened. The brand stars designer Inga Avissar and her non-conformist creations that feel love, beauty, passion and the desire to be different.

On the Romanian market, the Inga Valerie brand brings a new approach through the way designer Inga Avissar looks at the art of creating and the world of fashion, through unique or small series, premium quality products. With each newly launched collection, you can discover trousers, overalls, skirts and evening or leather dresses, sportswear transformed into elegant pieces and vice versa. Some of Inga Valerie's creations are handmade, exclusively to order. Inga Valerie clothes are full of color and energy and have rock chic, sports and gothic influences. The woman who wants to express attitude, to be strong, brave, sensual, maybe even provocative, but without being vulgar, is the woman who wears the Inga brand