Alto Milano

Passion since 1923
Facenti was born from the intuition of entrepreneurial Italo, who starts a socks production in 1923. The innovative spirit of the founder and his calling to originality, since his education in Switzerland, are characterized by the choice of machineries d’avant-garde and the brand with the acronym CIF (Calzificio Italo Facenti) engraved in the collar of the family bulldog. In 1948 his son Luigi opens up a new stage of production oriented to the originality and creativity. Thanks to the production and technical experience, he introduces single and double crochet and fancy patterns that soon become the distinctive features of Facenti brand.
The ‘80s mark the beginning of a new distribution retail model, which specializes in underwear and hosiery. Luigi introduces Doing brand and the sock, from a mere accessory, becomes an essential element of style. In the 90’s the third generational shift takes place. Michela, graduated in Economics, radically reorganizes the company and broadens the International market. With her feminine sensibility, the attention to details and passion for fashion, she introduces a brand of excellence Made in Italy: Alto Milano, the perfect alchemy between tradition and modernity, research and innovation.